Simple Comment System

Do you have a STATIC HTML website
And want to make it DYNAMIC???

Add our Simple Comment System to your webpages and add to your website instantly!

Add your own Simple Comment System, powered with Easy HTML Comments to your website. The Internet is becoming more and more interactive everyday. People are blogging, and Twittering, and Facebooking - and it's so hard to keep up with all the technology.

There's millions of static HTML websites out there, built by beginners (maybe like yourself?) and you're trying your hardest to learn HTML and understand how to build your own webpages. Maybe you're building a website for yourself, your family, or maybe even to sell products online?

How can you make your little simple HTML or PHP website more dynamic?
How can you make your webpages interactive?

By Adding a Simple Comment System!

Simple Comment System powered by Easy-HTML-Comments, is a simple Simple Comment System that you can plug right into the HTML or PHP pages of your website. What was a static page, is now interactive - with people's comments.

What are Comments?

Comments are honestly just that - comments. People can make a comment on your page using the PHP Comments System, about how they liked your content, maybe they'll disagree with what you said, or make a recommendation for other related information.

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Let's have an example: You have a webpage you're building about great dog resources. You're a dog lover, and you have tons of great tips, info and how-to's on caring for dogs of different breeds.

By adding a simple Simple Comment System to your webpages, when visitors come to your page, and read the contents - if they like (or even dislike) what they've read, they can leave a comment on your static webpage!

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These comments can be extemely beneficial, for a number of reasons:


You may just be grasping how to make webpages and use HTML - so I won't even try to explain search engine optimization, also called 'SEO' for short. But briefly, SEO depends on lots of things, but the content of your webpage, and certain 'key words' in your page, can make or break your page when it comes to being found in Google.

So by adding our Simple Comment System to your webpages, you can easily allow for a great dialogue of comments, all containing specific keywords. It's like letting your readers help optimize your webpages!


It's so hard to keep content updated on websites - and this is why people have gone to dynamic websites. We want updated content for a few reasons, mainly for your readers, but also search engines.

Here's a scenario: Imagine if you drove by a store and they had the same sale sign in the window for over a year? Would that entice you to visit and see what's new? This is why we want updated content - so your readers can see your site is alive, and kicking!

By adding our Simple Comment System to your webpages, you can let your readers do the updating! Google also likes updated content! Sometimes Google will visit your webpages more often if your content has been updated. So our Simple Comment System is a great way to update your webpage content without you having to do any work!


Discussing things is what the Internet is all about. You can express your opinion anytime - anywhere! Thanks to our Simple Comment System, you can allow your visitors to become more than visitors - they can become interactive players in your website. Think of how great it would be to have meaningful conversations, all by people posting comments on your pages. What a great addition to your website, your content, and your online reputation.

Our Simple Comment System has taken the Facebook, Twitter social networking phenomenon and boiled it down to the basics - reader comments. Allowing your readers to comment on your pages will build your own little social network right on your own website.

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Now I understand how a
Simple Comment System works
Can help my static website...
But I bet it's HARD to Set Up?

Not really! Of course it takes a little bit of reading to understand how to setup and install Simple Comment System. But I can honestly say it's as easy as 1, 2, 3

#1. If you can copy and paste HTML code

#2. If you can type in Notepad or Textpad

#3. If you can use a basic FTP program to upload a few PHP scripts

You can set up Simple Comment System in under 10 minutes!

Simple Comment System Video

Watch my video below to learn all about our Simple Comment System
it's only 5 minutes long (or less).

Order Now, Only $14.95

Hang On! I also want you to have access to these 3 videos
- to make sure you know how to set up our Simple Comment System

Simple Comment System Setup Video (15 mins)
Simple Comment System Setup
15 minute video
How to use TextPad (5 mins)
How to use Textpad
5 minute video
How to use FTP (5 mins)
How to use FTP
5 minute video

Ok, enough talking, let's test it out. Here's our Simple Comment System right below. You can see what others have been saying about Simple Comment System.

Simple Comment System

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I know little, or next-to-nothing about HTML, can I really set up your Simple Comment System on my own?
A. Yes! our Simple Comment System is made for beginners. By watching the video above, you should have a pretty good understanding of how to set it up. Please there's a Help file, and a 15 minute instructional video when you download Simple Comment System that tells you more information.

Q. I don't know how to use FTP!
A. That's ok. I've created a video to show you how to use a FTP program, and here's a link to download the FTP program I use in the video.

Q. What technical stuff does my server or webpages need in order to use Simple Comment System?
A. It would help to understand basic HTML, how to use Textpad or Notepad, and how to use an FTP program, and be able to upload and modify some basic PHP scripts.

Q. Do you offer help for setting up Simple Comment System?
Yes I can. If you'd like me to set up Simple Comment System for you, I will for $25. My email is at the bottom of this page.

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